In recent years, the mere mention of the word BOMB brings panic to the heart of the people knowing fully well that the Boko Harams throw their bombs to destroy lives while God throws His bomb to His children to decorate their destiny. This B.O.M.B means “BONE OF MY BONES”.


It may seem like strange language today, but the very first description of a marriage found in the Bible is this:  “This is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh…” (Genesis 2:23)  These, of course, were the prophetic words of Adam as he took Eve to be his wife. Every single guy is searching for his missing marital bone and every single lady longs to be back to the man from whose bones she was taken out from.


Bone plays a vital role in the body; it gives your body stability, shape, and strength. In the same vein, if you get the right BOMB, your body will be given the needed stability, shape and strength.

In making marital choices, our youths and singles have been choosing different bones in marriage stores. Don’t forget, the choice you make now will later make you because the choice of a marriage partner will either make you or mar you.




  1. DEAD BONES: These are guys and ladies that are dead in their trespasses and are yet to experience the life of Christ. Marrying an unbeliever is taking a dead bone where burial and mourning is prices to be paid. This means the marriage will be mourned and endured forever. Countless marriages picked this type of bone from the store. Never pick a ‘dead bone’ for a wife; it is dangerous and deadly. (Mat. 23:27)


  1. DRY BONES: How do you know them? Everything about the guy or the lady is dry. They may even be robust but their spiritual life and fellowship with the brethren are dry. In their imagination, they find it very hard to come up with fresh ideas that can benefit their partner. If you engage yourself with them, their dryness will affect you and dry every fresh grace and life on your destiny. (Ezekiel 37:1-2


  1. DISJOINTED BONES: These are guys and ladies that things have fallen apart in their lives and the center can’t hold. You go through a lot of pain when your bones are out of joints. When married to this partner, you keep setting bones that are disjointed in marriage. There are things to be set in marriages than setting your spouse in order; begging him or her to cooperate with you, to serve God or to give you peace of mind. (Ps. 22:14)


  1. BROKEN BONES: These are the common spouses today, they have broken lives because they have been disconnected from their maker; they break people’s hearts and find it very difficult to keep promises. If you get engaged to them, they will break your focus; break your sexual purity covenant by constantly pressurizing you to commit fornication. I pray you will never get married to a broken bone spouse. (Ps. 34:20)


  1. ROTTEN BONES: These are guys and ladies that are rotten in nature, character, and indisposition. Abortion is not a sin to them; pregnancy, before marriage is approved and practiced by them and co-habitation, is not also regarded as a sin. Facially, they are handsome and beautiful but if you check them closely, you will see the rottenness in them. Remember, one rotten apple can infect the other good apple.


  1. HEALTHY BONES: These are the best set of bones in the marriage store. They are very scarce and are hidden in the store; it takes patience and deep search to pick from the marriage store. But when you pick right, they bring health to your destiny. These guys and ladies are alive in Christ, their spiritual and social lives are healthy. They don’t harbor grudges or malice. They have reached out in faith and have touched the Master’s garment; their spirit, soul and body are healed. They have divine capacity to love one another. If you marry any of them, your destiny cannot be sick.


  1. OTHER BONES: Any other marital bone can be gotten from anywhere, like social media; Facebook, 2go, Baddo, Eskime etc., match-making or disco parties. But if you desire to get the right BOMB, you must return to God. In the marital store, the law of attraction says “like charges attract while unlike charges repel.” The mystery is that, the type of bone you are is the type you will attract. If you are a dead bone, it will be difficult to attract a healthy bone.



  1. Work on yourself to be the right bone for someone.


  1. Don’t be carried away with the size and shape of the bone.


  1. Don’t be carried away by the strength of the bone. A dead or dry bone could be bigger and have a good shape, but rather check the spirit in the bone.


  1. Pray a dynamic and heart felt prayer for God’s connection to the right bone.


  1. Position yourself strategically in the house of God and fellowship with His children. One of the best places to get a healthy bone is in the church.



  1. Never sell your bone: it is not for sale, don’t sell him/her to the hands of your in-laws, neighbours or friends.


  1. Don’t break your bone: Martially speaking, there are things you will do that will leave your spouse heart broken or shattered. Don’t break his/her heart through an unholy relationship with the other sex.


  1. Feed your bone: When you feed well, you are feeding your bone. Feed your spouse well; feed him or her spiritually, materially and in other areas that will make him/her fresh and fat.


In conclusion, the phrase, “bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh,” should conjure the appreciation of a closeness and unity that is only attainable within the most intimate of relationships – even a perfect union, that is oneness in heart, mind, purpose and Spirit.  Jesus Christ cherishes His Bride (Ephesians 5:29). You will not choose a wrong bone IJN. (Amen)