True tabernacle Church is a vision God gave to His servant Bamidele Joshua Olumuyiwa to Raise Influential Saints for Global Exploits for the end-time harvest of lost souls.

The Scripture that births this ministry is from Heb 8:2 – A minister of the sanctuary and of the True tabernacle, which the Lord pitched and not man.

The Lord said to me “I am raising a Tabernacle that I the Lord will establish but you will be at the vanguard of it. And as I give you instructions you carry it out because it's going to be built by ME JEHOVAH not a man.

When this word came, I was shown the sitting room of one of the ministers today and He said to me go and start praying in that house.

I was in Ghana when this revelation came to me; so I conferred not with flesh and blood, I immediately called the brother from Ghana and told him all that the Lord told me.

He also said I should not delay but come quickly.

On getting to Lagos, we started praying in that sitting room for several months. A woman who heard about the vision whom I used to pray for said to me that she saw me starting a ministry, and said to me that she wants to donate her business outfit space for the Church.

She packed her computer and photocopying machines out and gave us the office for free. That small business at that time is today transacting in multi-millions of naira. To God be all the Glory.

The Inauguration took place on the last Sunday of May 2008, and the Church started with about 7 adults and 4 children. The first two years of our work witnessed all manner of challenges. Just in two years, we had used about 6 halls; sometimes people have to call and ask us where we were. But we thank God that those challenges have helped us to grow stronger.

In about four-and-half years of our work, there has been about 6 weddings and many childbirths that we lost count of. Many have been saved. People have been delivered from the shame and oppression of the devil.

Our Doctrine

THE TRINITY IN UNITY: The New Testament Church was successful because it was a Bible-believing Church and one of her fundamental beliefs was the belief in Trinity or the unity of the Godhead.
The Word ‘Trinity’ signifies the union of three persons to make the GODHEAD, namely; THE FATHER, THE SON, and THE HOLY SPIRIT.

THE DOCTRINE OF GRACE: Though man brought destruction upon himself through his disobedience, God in His unfailing love has provided redemption for man and all that is needed for his eternal comfort.

SANCTIFICATION AND ADOPTION: This is also a Bible doctrine which is essential for our complete salvation. Sanctification , therefore,is a part of the work of salvation, and it is a must for all God’s people. Jn.17:17, 2Thes.2:13

WATER BAPTISM: Water baptism is rated with the vital truth and teaching of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.
Please take note:

  • Infant Baptism is not spoken of in the Bible
  • Infant baptism is not the baptism Jesus taught.

Baptism is the “answer of a good conscience towards God” 1 Pet 3:21. But conscience does not operate in infants.

RESTITUTION: Restitution is the art of restoring. This is the basic understanding every believer should have. Ex 22:1

HOLY SPIRIT: Every child of God is expected to know about God, the Holy Spirit. Anyone clamoring to be having a miraculous ministry without believing in the baptism with the Holy Ghosts is False.

DIVINE HEALING: Divine healing means trusting Almighty God for our healing

THE WAGES OF SIN: The wages of sin is death Rom 6:23

TITHING & OFFERINGS, FIRST FRUITS: Every believer should learn to always honor God with their tithes, offerings and first fruits. Prov.3:9-10

SECOND COMING OF JESUS: We believe and preach the second coming of Jesus; exhorting everyone to await the return of our Lord. 2Pet.3:8-14.


There are different arms of the ministry includes;

  1. The Mighty Men of Valor (Men’s Fellowship).
  2.  The Gracious Women’s Fellowship.
  3.  The Youth and Singles Fellowship.
  4. The Keepers of flame (Prayer ministry).
  5.  Operation Andrew Evangelistic Ministry. And many others coming up as the needs arises.

Meet our Leaders

A team selected by God Almighty to serve.

  1. Joshua Bamidele Olumuyiwa- Senior Pastor.
  2. Olaniyi Moses- Assistant Pastor/ Men Leader.
  3. Marshall Agubata- Assistant Pastor.
  4. Olaide Israel- Assistant Pastor/ Prayer Coordinator.
  5. Austin Osem- Assistant Pastor.
  6. Deaconess Egwuatu- Women Leader.
  7.  Minister Nwabueze Okoro- Youth Leader.
  8. Minister Nnamdi Ochi- Head Usher.
  9. Deaconess Moji- Children Church.
  10. Chibueze- Drama Leader.
  11. Larry Chuks- Music Director.