2019 Flames of Pentecost

The flame is already burning and God is out to do a quick work on the situations that have hindered you. God has put this year’s 7-days Flames of Pentecost together for your manifestation and nothing will hold you back.  “The rock was already in Peter but there was no manifestation until the power of Pentecost fell on him.” There are promises in you that haven’t manifested, but, by the word of this sermons, they will manifest.  Download, Listen and manifest in Jesus Name.

Day 1 – Flames of Pentecost – Part 1 – [media-downloader media_id=”7768″ texts=”DOWNLOAD SERMON“] – Pastor Bamidele Olumuyiwa Joshua

DAY 2 – Firebrand – [media-downloader media_id=”7770″ texts=”DOWNLOAD SERMON “] – Apostle Lanre Oluwatade

DAY 3 – Sustaining The Faith That Pleases God – [media-downloader media_id=”7771″ texts=”DOWNLOAD SERMON “] – Pastor Godwin Okoh

– Who’s Toying With My Star – [media-downloader media_id=”7772″ texts=”DOWNLOAD SERMON “] – Pastor Bamidele Olumuyiwa Joshua\

DAY 4 – Time For Harvest – [media-downloader media_id=”7773″ texts=”DOWNLOAD SERMON“] – Pastor (Mrs) Tonia Gogo

DAY  6 – Powers That Lift Up Men – [media-downloader media_id=”7775” texts=“DOWNLOAD SERMON”] – Pastor Joel Kada


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